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Introducing Neutone Morpho
—AI Tone Morphing plugin

Neutone Morpho Screenshot

Introducing Neutone Morpho, an AI plugin that transforms sounds using advanced AI technology, known as timbre transfer. With provided models, this tool can turn any sound into something new.

Neutone Morpho directly processes audio, capturing even the subtlest details from your input.

Unleash your creativity with Neutone Morpho!

What is AI Tone Morphing?

With our pre-trained AI models you can transform any incoming audio into the characteristics, or “style”, of the sounds that the model is based on. In real-time! Sometimes this leads to surprising outcomes. Listen to the examples below.


click on one of the inputs first


Morpho Model

At the core of Neutone Morpho are the Morpho AI models, where the magic happens. You can interact with a loaded Morpho model in two modes to influence the tone-morphing process.

Neutone Morpho Screenshot

In Macro Mode, you have four macro knobs that allow you to change the general behaviors of the model. For example, the “Serendipity” knob determines the level of randomness in the transfer, with higher serendipity resulting in more complex sound. Each model has its own unique macros. For instance, a percussion model may have a knob called “decay” that controls the decay of each hit.

  • MacOS 10.15+ for Intel
  • Mac OS 12.0+ for M1
  • Plugin Format: VST3/AU
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Plugin Format: VST3
  1. Download the installer for your platform
  2. Run the installer
  3. Morph.
    Tested DAWs
  • Ableton Live 11
  • Logic Pro 10
  • Bitwig Studio 5
  • Studio One 6
  • Cubase 13

We respect the copyrights of artists and musicians, as well as the efforts they put into creating music and sound materials. We do not use any copyrighted materials for model training. Morpho models are trained using publicly available training data that is either in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons. For more details, please refer to the model card of each specific model.

Neutone Cocoon - Cloud-GPU Model training service (coming soon…)

We are currently developing a cloud-based model training service called Neutone Cocoon. To train your own model, simply collect and upload your training data to our server. Once the training is complete, the trained model will be available in your model browser. The trained model will only be available to you, and you own the model.

We firmly believe in the importance of personalized AI models for creative endeavors. Each artist should have their own unique tools for artistic expression. We are delighted to support this trend!

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