Privacy Policy

At Neutone, we are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information when you visit our website and use our services.

Article 1:Definitions

When handling Personal Information, Neutone Inc. (“Company”) will comply with all laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other rules related to the handling of Personal Information, and will practice appropriate management. The terms used herein will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act”) and related laws/regulations.

Article 2:
Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company will acquire the Personal Information of the users of Company services, business partners, and shareholders (collectively, “Users etc.”) by lawful and proper means. The Company may acquire the Personal Information indicated below from Users etc. by the methods of acquisition indicated below, to an extent necessary to achieve the utilization purpose indicated in the next section.

Categories of Personal Information Possibly Acquired

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • IP Address, Cookie Information, Other Online Identifiers
  • Location Information

Acquisition Source

  • Direct Acquisition from Data Subject
  • Indirect Acquisition from Data Subject (e.g., IP address acquired when Company websites are accessed)
  • Public Information (e.g., information on the internet)
  • Social Media

Article 3:
Utilization purpose of Personal Information

The Company will use Personal Information for the following purposes.

  1. Information Related to Users of Company Services and Business Partners To provide products or services

    • To plan, develop, maintain, or improve products or services;
    • To respond to User etc. feedback and requests;
    • To communicate about the Company’s latest information or about various seminars, exhibitions, etc.;
    • For introductions or sales and marketing activities related to Company products or services;
    • To deliver materials, catalogs, etc. requested by Users etc.;
    • To manage business partner information, transaction details, etc.;
    • To execute transactions;
    • For delivery of required documents etc., identity verification, and handling of inquiries or complaints;
    • To confirm applications and make deliveries for mail delivery services;
    • To solicit participation in surveys and events and report results of the same; and
    • When contact with users or business partners is otherwise necessary for some particular reason.
  2. Information Related to Shareholders

    • For exercise of shareholder rights or performance of the Company’s duties;
    • For the Company to provide various types of communication or conveniences to shareholders;
    • To implement various measures intended to streamline interactions between shareholders and the Company; and
    • For shareholder management, as by creating data pursuant to various laws/regulations.

Article 4:

The Company uses to collect metrics on site usage. We do not store identifiable information about our users or set cookies to track users across other sites.

Article 5:Matters Related to Security Control Action

The Company will take necessary and appropriate security control actions for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage of Personal Data, and otherwise for the management of Personal Data. The Company will also provide necessary and appropriate supervision of all employees and contractors (including subcontractors etc.) handling Personal Data.

Article 6:Third Party Provision of Personal Data

The Company will not provide the User etc. Personal Data acquired by it to third parties (excluding contractors), except where the relevant Users etc. have personally given prior consent, or where permitted under laws and regulations.

Article 7:
Revision of Privacy Policy etc.

The Company will review the particulars of this Privacy Policy as appropriate, and may amend the same as necessary. In such cases, the amendments shall take effect from the date of publication of the amended version.

Article 8:
Requests for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information

When there has been a request for disclosure, correction etc., or suspension of use etc. of Personal Data, the Company will confirm by prescribed procedures that the request did in fact originate from the relevant data subject, and will then handle the request in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 9:
Contact for Inquiries

Contact for Inquiries Related to Personal Information Neutone, Inc., Officer in Charge of Personal Information Management

Article 10:
Company’s Name, Address, Representative Name

Neutone, Inc. REVE Nakameguro 2F, 1-13-14 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Nao Tokui, CEO

Article 11:

Company websites may include links to external websites, but the Company owes no liability whatsoever with regard to the handling of personal information protection on such linked websites.

This Policy shall be executed in the Japanese language. Japanese shall be the governing language and any translation of this Policy into any other language is for convenience of reference only and shall not bind the parties hereto.